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Why blogs are good

By Jamie McLoughlin on Apr 17, 12 10:04 PM


Allow me, if you will, a momentary segue from the preparations for Baku 2012 and let me tell you about something I did on Sunday afternoon. The photo above was taken at the entrance to Liverpool Central (yes, honestly) on said afternoon. You may be wondering why it was taken and why I've posted it. Well, it marked the end of a near five year mission for the man in the middle in the grey top. You may have read his comments on here from time to time where he goes by the name of 'Scottieboy'.

Since 2007, Scottieboy has made it his mission to visit - and be photographed - at every station on the Merseyrail map and record his adventures on the very entertaining Round the Merseyrail We Go blog. I don't know how many stations it was in total but he finished his mission on Sunday on the city's loop line with Liverpool Central as the final stop on his journey.

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