Eurovision 2011: France whizzes up the favourites list. But why?

By Jamie McLoughlin on Mar 8, 11 02:14 PM

The French entry for 2011 as presented on live telly yesterday evening

There is fervour on the web. A new hero has been found for Eurovision 2011 and one many are expecting to do the business in Germany in May. A young man now sits in second place in the bookmakers' list of favourites (behind Norway) and many fans are coming out in full support of it.

That man is Amaury Vassili with the Corsican operatic antics of Sognu. I have listened to this a number of times now and I'm just not getting it. Is something up with me? I'm not averse to a spot of classical gas, or even shades of opera when it comes to Eurovision. I know it's miles away from Sognu but I quite liked La Voix for Sweden two years ago and then there was the Slovene song in 2007 which did rather well.

But I'm just not getting the fuss about this. I hear it, I listen to it, I experience it and than it's over. Absolutely no impact made whatsoever. Even if it wins in two months from now it will be the first time in almost 20 years of watching the Contest I won't be able to say, 'that really isn't my sort of thing but I completely understand why it won.'

Boom Bang a Bloggers, help me. What am I missing? Please tell me. I think I need a bit of help to understand why this one's so good.

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