Rise up - but not like a phoenix - if you want to know what BBaB thinks about the Greek entry.

I think it looks *really* good. As with the 2009 event in Moscow, our host broadcaster (Denmark's DR in this case) has not spared the cash and gone all out for a swanky LED screen frenzy.

As the former shipyard playing host this year has walls more than 60m in height, you can see how the designers have embraced the fact rather than run away from it, sobbing and snapping their Sharpies in two with fear. The central 'climbing frame' of cubes anchors the whole concept and really makes it work. With an LED floor as well, it's going to be difficult for the camera crew to get a bad angle this year.

To be honest, I pity the broadcaster who has to follow this. It's arguably the best stage ever.

In these last few lean weeks before the Contest-y fun gets ramped up to... well, the highest bit of a ramp, it's not unsual for some of the competing nations to invest a few bob in shiny new promo videos of their song - just in case it goes on to be a bit of a hit after all the voting action and the music channels start to show an interest.

The official promo for the UK entry, Children of the Universe, was unveiled yesterday. UK breakfast TV show Daybreak rather generously played a whole five seconds of it in the morning but here's the whole thing:

There's lots of glitter and robes which fits in rather nicely with the whole new-age, trippy feel to the song. Even more exciting is this clip from ESCKAZ recorded at Madame Jo-Jo's last night where Molly sang COTU live with what sounds like a far beefier backing track. I'm *determined* not to get my hopes up - but I can't wait to be in Copenhagen to cheer this on.

Just whistle while you sing. Actually, that's a bit difficult. It's better to whistle between the bits that you sing, as Sebalter shows us in the Swiss entry.

We're coming to the fag-end of the second semi final now and it's time to take a look at Tijana with To the Sky for FYR Macedonia. She's not really in the sky. Don't look.

I have had to refrain from reviewing Cheesecake owing to a terrible mishap. So, who do you call on when there's Cheesecake to review? There can be but one group of people.

Undo.jpg This made me giggle. Inspired by the title of this year's Swedish entry, it comes from Twitter user @euro_pete

Tee-hee! Thanks to Pete for letting BBaB reproduce it here.

It lacks Linda Martin calling someone "an odious little man" but otherwise, here's the review of Ireland's song for this year. Includes my first experiences of being a Eurovision fan - those three consecutive years of crushing disappointment.

Vroom-vroom! (feathers) Vroom-vroom! (feathers). It's Softengine for Finland.

Farid Mammadov was organising a dead posh dinner party. He loves dinner parties, he thinks they're great. This dead posh dinner party had a Eurovision theme. Farid invited the presenter of the 1982 Contest in Harrogate, Lulu, Vicky Leandros and The Herreys. He also asked his elderly aunt if she would welcome the guests while he was in the kitchen making Dairylea sandwiches and unwrapping the Party Rings.

Farid Mammadov. Loves dinner parties.

Farid also had a very strict seating plan and his aunt, whom he loved dearly, despite the fact she could not pronounce her 'h's, was instructed to make sure nobody was sitting where and when they weren't supposed to. The presenter of the 1982 Contest had to sit down first, then Lulu, then Vicky Leandros, then the Herreys. Farid would brook no breach of his order and his aunt knew this. Anyway, everything was going according to plan. The presenter of the 1982 Contest was all sat down nicely when one of the Herreys thought it would be socially opportune to strike up a conversation with Farid's aunt.

"Forgive me," said the Herrey. "I haven't been following the Contest too closely of late. Farid, our host? He's a singer from Portugal, isn't he?" And as the Herrey said this, he foolishly decided to sit down next to the presenter of the 1982 Contest.

Farid's aunt was purple with rage. "No!" she yelled, pointing at Lulu, "'E 'as 'er by Jan!"

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