I'm off to Copenhagen (excited!).Not sure of internet access while I'm out there so best to follow us on Twitter for now - @boombangablog

Hello! We're just over 24 hours away from the first semi-final in Copenhagen (we're leavin' on a jet plane tomorrow morning to get there - hurrah!). If you're still not sure who's going to get through to Saturday night from tomorrow, I've put the 37 video reviews that Boom Bang a Blog has recorded over the past two months into three playlists, one for each of the semi-finals and another for the six direct finalists.




Here's a snippet of Molly's first rehearsal of Children in the Universe in Copenhagen. I'm not going to tell you what I think, I shall instead share some of the tweets that have been floating around since this morning.

It's always nice to complete the set. Here's Glyn and I talking about the last six songs in the line-up, the ones which have made it straight to the final.

Be upstanding for Miss Smitten-Downes. Could she actually be Blighty's best chance at taking the trophy in years and years and years and years (well, 17 of 'em)?

We'll find out in just over a week from now. It's rather exciting. Fingers crossed for the first rehearsal.

Ster-Ruth, cobbers! We're nearly there. Here is the 36th of 37 reviews, the song by Ruth Lorenzo. If this wins next Saturday, there'll be dancing in the Spain.

Ciao! Here's some thoughts on Emma Marrone and Mia Citta, the rocksome Italian entry. If I look a bit doom-ridden in this it's because it was filmed moments after Chelsea beat Liverpool FC on Sunday afternoon.


Hello! I know there's hardly hundreds of people around Europe waiting for the next video review with baited breath - but I've had some lovely messages from people who are enjoying them. hence this update.

The final three videos (Italy, Spain and UK) are all done and ready to upload but there's been a bit of an internet connection failure in the street where I live so I can't upload them at the moment. It looks like it will be sorted soon - but until it is I can't get anything on to YouTube (talk about timing...)

Hopefully, it will all be sorted soon.

We're nearly there. Today it's time to take a look at the German entry, Is it Right? by Elaiza. Is it Me? Or does the lead singer remind you of Watson's wife from Sherlock?


Literally fives of you got in touch when the Boom Bang a Blog Book was produced in 2011 and 2012 (hopefully, it will be back this Crimbo). One character who seemed to be popular was Roger Important - Accredited Fan. As he's been away for a wee while, we got in touch with him (via emissary who was eventually granted an audience in the press centre in Copenhagen) where we were told all about his new song.

It is sung to the tune of this year's Latvian entry (Cake to Bake) and it's called Pass to Flash. Roger tells us it will be a hit and we are idiots if we think otherwise.

You'll find the words by clicking 'Continue Reading'. That bit just under these words. There. Look down a tad.

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